SONIC-Ear works by redirecting the sound that comes out of the end of the iPad device towards you.  With the sound redirected forward towards you, the iPad sounds appreciably louder.

SONIC-Ear is made of PLA. Polylactic acid (PLA), a plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch. PLA Helps to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. PLA is “carbon neutral” in that it comes from renewable, carbon-absorbing plants—as yet another way to reduce our emissions of green house gases in a quickly warming world. PLA also will not emit toxic fumes when incinerated.

Most plastic parts are made very quickly and cheaply by injection moulding.  Injection molding typically requires a "draft angle" of 3 degrees to release the plastic part from the mold.  SONIC-Ear  required a process that has a 0 degree "draft angle" to snugly fit the iPad and be strong.  This would have required a two peice part that would have to be screwed together and not be as strong as a single component.  SONIC-Ear is instead made as a single component with a process called 3D printing.  It typically takes an hour to make one SONIC-Ear compared to 60 parts that can be made in the same time with injection moulding. It is a more expensive process, however the benefit is a single, thin walled, strong, contiguous component without seams or screws.

SONIC-Ear is made in North America.  They are designed and manufactured in Canada with equipment that is designed and manufactured in the United States.  Yes we could do it cheaper in China, but we would like to support the industry it creates in North America.  It costs a little more, but benefits our local economy by creating jobs at home.

SONIC-Ear is available in 8 different colours as shown here.

IMG 3310

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